Friday, 21 April 2017

Jade Flame

Fantasy Faire is upon us once again with many fantastic and mystic realms to explore. As in years past, generous creators are offering exquisite wares with 100% of the proceeds being donated to Relay for Life. For more information peruse the official Fantasy Faire site. I will endeavor to bring you many wonderful sightings from my journeys there and back again.

.:Soul:. has eight skins up as donation items. Four for the guys and four for the gals in matching skin tones. This Forest tone of the Ceredil skins is perfect for Relay for Life as green is often associated with life and energy.

The male version includes appliers for Adam, Catwa, Genesis Lab and Omega heads with brows or no brows options. You also get ear appliers for .:Soul:., Bentbox and Logo ears. Body appliers for Adam, Omega, Signature (via Omega) and Slink are included as well as separate tattoo and body hair Omega appliers and gentleman applier. 
System layers (shown above) are included so if you haven't decided on a mesh head or body yet you can still wear this skin. If it looks this amazing on a system avi just image how it looks on a mesh one!

You can find .:Soul:. on the Mudrana sim. 

Charlie also has 1 male and 1 female Ceredil skin for the auction in a stunning Opal tone. The male version includes everything listed above as well as all the tattoo layers from the other skin tones. 

Place your bids with the vendors located on the Kakushi Pasu sim.

I hope to see you at the faire!