Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Trapped in Mudrana

Clover never lets me do anything fun so I had to sneak into the Fairelands and well...

I got caught! This is what happens when I try to help out that little blue fella, Farion. He made a very compelling argument about helping his Queen and saving the realm. (You can join the quest until the end of Fantasy Faire, 4/30. The basic kit is 250L and the deluxe w/costumes is 350L with proceeds going to Relay for Life, of course!)

Now how am I going to get out of this to finish the quest and collect my reward? I hope this spell doesn't back-fire on me again!

~Fantasy Faire Quest Rewards~
Headpiece ~ Belle Epoque ~ Sabine Headpiece
Skin ~ [Nephilim] ~ Fantasia - Spellcraft
(male version included, both have system skins and about every applier possible)
Face & Body Tattoo ~ .:Soul:. ~ Gyouko - Ceredil 
(Omega appliers for face and body, male version included)
Dress ~ MishMash Fusion ~ Chained Orient (fitmesh size)
(Belleza, Ebody, Maitreya and Slink also included)

Particle Effects ~ Cole's Corner ~ RFL Hope Hand Dancer (Purple) (donation item, 75L)

Location ~ Mudrana at Fantasy Faire

~Other Stuff~
Avatar Complexity ~ 27,570
Head ~ Altamura
Body, hands and feet ~ Tonic Curvy
Hair ~ Kokolores