Sunday, 22 May 2016

L$100 Catwa Static Head

 So I got a pleasant surprise today, when one of my fellow Free*Style Bloggers, Synful Ghost, let me know about what was going down with Catwa. In recent months, they had released news that they were making basic heads, heads that had less of the fluff(expression options and such). This was exciting, as some of us don't need a bagillion expressions, and would be content with a head with less options. So an Animated Catwa Head will cost you just over 4k, while the basic is L$910. The Basic Heads allow you to customize what sort of features you do want with your head, in the way of addons. The new Static Heads differ from the Basic Heads, because they do not have animation capabilities, thus no addon features. But who is going to complain, when it is only L$100 for a Static head?

I hope that the price point isn't a trial, or a one off thing. I think this is a good option for content creators, for testing their appliers. While Catwa does have a unique system, that allows you to check textures from your desktop, on their tester heads, the use of these Static Heads far surpasses that, as they can also be used in ads. I really hope they end up taking this program and using it for their male mesh head line.

The first Static Head up for grabs is Nicki.

 To the Left is the Static Nicki Head with one of the default skin options you will find in the head hud. I also am wearing a liner that comes preloaded into the hud. It's a very mature look, this head, I feel. 

To the Right is the same head, but I change the default skin, and used an omega applier skin I have from Kooqla. I threw on some blush from the head hud, and the lipstick and eyeshadow are from the Kooqla Dkin Hud.

Hairbases also come in the Head Hud, in Natural Colours.

More info and credits below the cut.

The head did not come with eyes, so I fitted some omega compatible ones. This is so I can just change them easily, either with my own eye textures, or with any omega eyes I happen to have. Less fuss that way. I already blogged these eye omega appliers, earlier in the week, but the credits will be below.

I also picked up this cool ear clasp at Fi*Fridays, so thought I'd throw in a closeup. It is hud driven, and only L$55. You get little teardrop studs in the package as well.


Mesh Head - Catwa - Nicki Static Head - L$100 (Join Group/Earn 30 Store Credit with Purchase)
Mesh Body - Slink - Physique Body
Skin Applier - Kooqla - Ember Skin in Tone 2
Mesh Eyes - Logo - Comes with any Logo Mesh Head (Animated)
Eye Omega Applier - BusenuR - Pearl Eyes in Blue - L$0
Mesh Hands - Slink - Elegant Pose
Nail Applier - Entice - Paper Roses Nails - SL Free and Offer Group Gift (Free to Join)
Tattoo Applier - Speakeasy - Vaz Tattoo in Fresh - L$0
Dress - Rebel Hope - Amy Dress w/Hud - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Boots - Reign - Luxe Thigh High Pumps w/Hud - *NEW* Luxe Box May Item
Choker 1 - Plastik - Nora Collar in Noir/Stone - L$25 Deal @ Dark Style 3
Choker 2 - Le Forme - Spike Choker in Silver - L$0 @ We Love Roleplay Bday
Ear Cuffs - Glitzz - Crystal Ear Cuffs in Black w/Gem Hud - L$55 @ Fi*Friday
Horns - Plastik - Limited Edition Swyrl Horns in Smooth/Domino - *NEW* @ Mens only Monthly
Tail - Storybook - Hellbound Tail in Gargoyle - *NEW* Common Gacha Item @ Whimsical

 What is Luxe Box? Find out more HERE.