Monday, 23 May 2016

Free*Style Fresh Faces - Blogger Search

Free*Style needs some Fresh Faces!!!

Have you ever felt like you just wanted to reach out to the pixilated world, share your favorite free finds, show SL the style that is all your own?

Well do we have an opportunity for you!

Free*Style is looking for some new faces to become members of our blogging team.

What we are looking for:

General Bloggers

- all Genders welcome, as well as different types of avatars(human or otherwise)
- avatars who simply blog in their own style
- no experience required/will train for blog and photo post processing
- can dedicate time to blogging at least once or twice a week
- can curate a look with 3 or more free/gift/group gift/subscriber gift/hunt gift/gacha Items
- can create ”SAFE for Work” looks (ie: no nipples, no artistic nudes, you get the idea)
- can insert links to all free items, and have them credited with price/group/hunt/event/gacha

Home and Garden Bloggers

We would love to add some Home and Garden Bloggers to the team. We have never had dedicated bloggers to this category, and I think it would create an interesting mix of talent. If you enjoy collecting free items to furnish your sl environments, even when they are mixed in with regular priced items, we would love to have you join us.

Feature Bloggers

Are you interested in just one thing? Do you collect all the free shoes, hair or skins. I could keep going with lists, but the point is, if you would like to become a Feature Blogger, and just blog about those things you focus on, whatever that one item might be, we would be interested in hosting you here on the site.

We are not looking for experienced bloggers, though they are welcome if they can keep post quota. We felt it was time to to get some new faces out there, and are willing to work with people who are new to blogging. There will be training in the areas you need, so you can comfortably blog without it being stressful.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please proceed below the cut, for full instructions on how to apply.


The Free*Style Blogging Team

How to Apply:

Step 1 - Create Two Looks/Scenes/Features

Create Two Looks if you are applying for General Blogger. You are required to have at least 3 items that are L$100 and under, one must be free of some sort(group gift, hunt gift, event promo, so on). Take a snapshot of your look inworld, save to your computer. Upload to your Flickr. No post processing required, but if you are use to doing it, please go ahead, so we can see your established skills.

If you do not have a flickr account, it will be a requirement as a blogger on Free*Style, so you must sign up: . Join the Official Free*Style Flickr Group, , then submit your looks.

Title them “Your Inworld Name - Free*Style Fresh Faces - Look #” . Then in the Description Box, credit the items used something like this:

Dress - TinaTina - Black Little Dress - Free @ Mainstore
Heels - Gogo Footwear - Pink Flower Sandals - L$5 Promo @ Fashion Forward Event
Bracelet - Shine Accessories - Blue Crystal Bangle - June Jewels Hunt

You get the idea, we need item, store name, item name, price, event, any other important info. Doesn’t matter the order, just that the info is all there.


If you are applying for Home and Garden Blogger, please create Two Scenes, then follow the same instructions. The only other info you would need to add, when crediting, is the LI count of the items.

Title Example: “Your Inworld Name - Free*Style Fresh Faces - Scene #”


If you are applying for Feature Blogger, it is only required that you photo two of the items that you wish to feature. So shoes, purses, nails, poses, what have you. Both items must be in the same category, and they must be the category you will be blogging for the site. Upload them as separate photos, then proceed with the other steps above.

Title Example: “Your Inworld Name - Free*Style Fresh Faces - Feature #”


If at any point you wish to submit a new Look/Scene/Feature, beyond the required two, feel free to. We understand that sometimes after things have been submitted, you wish you had done something different. Just Title any new submission with the proceeding number (3, 4, 5, so on). The total number of submissions will not contribute to the end result of our decision, it is the overall representation, quality not quantity.

Step 2 - Fill out Official Application

Fill out this Application here: ---application link---

At this point you will just need to wait until everything is processed by the team. Applications will be running from Today, May 23rd to June 5th 11:59pm SLT. Application processing will be from June 6th to June 10th 9am SLT. New Bloggers will be announced on Friday June 10th, sometime after Noon SLT.

Some Bloggers might be added onto the blog earlier than the time allotted, this is up to the discretion of the Free*Style Blogging Team.

Thank You for your time and interest,

The Free*Style Blogging Team