Friday, 11 September 2015

Get Ready For Sunday!!

  I want to give you the heads up on something that is not available until Sunday.  Let me say that again: not available until Sunday.  Why am I showing it to you now?  WHY MUST YOU TEASE US SILENY? Well, the item in question will be free on Sunday from 12pm-5pm SLT.  So I basically want to give you enough warning so that when Sunday comes around you can have this bookmarked and be ready to go!!
  The outfit is from Valentina E. and consists of the top and pants, which are connected.  This is the preview gift!!  The textures are crazy realistic and there are sizes in there for some mesh bodies, standard sizes, and FitMesh.  Once again, the item is only available for free on Sunday, September 12th, from 12pm-5pm.  Not after!!  To get this item you must join the Altitude group and be at the Altitude opening launch party during the mentioned time.  The event is to celebrate the opening of the Altitude art & music venue so they want everyone to be there when the party is on!
  The sweater tied around the waist is from Orange Pekoe.  It is labeled a demo but it is a wearable demo, as pretty much all of their demos are.
  Check below for more details and remember to be in SL on Sunday!
Pants/Top Combo: Valentina E. @ Altitude launch party, free,  READ ABOVE FOR DETAILS
Sweater Around Waist: Orange Pekoe, 1L wearable demo
Hair: Blues/Olive @ The Arcade, 75L, rare gacha prize
Skin: Glam Affair
Eyes: Chop Shop
Pose: No longer available