Saturday, 12 September 2015

All Hallows Festival

Earlier today, the gates opened to this seasonal event. From now until Oct. 31st, you can come browse the discounted wares, while also searching for pumpkins, which hold prizes for you to take home.

There are 13 lucky pumpkins to find, stuffed with items for Men, Women, Decoration and a few just fun things to play with.

Today I am showing you 3 of the Home and Garden items you will find in the hunt.

From Left to Right

Folklorica - The Veiled Lady on the Water - 14LI
Velvet Whip - Pumpkins Basket - 7LI
United Inishcon - Dirty Little Secret Log - 7LI

The Veiled Lady lilypad decor has to be my favorite thing. I got the chance to see the ghost once, but didn't take a snap quick enough. I am not sure how often if comes at night but it's rather fetching when it does it's thing. 

Here is the ad, so you can see the full item.

The hunt it totally free to participate in, and you can find start it HERE.