Thursday, 2 April 2015

Pretending Innocence

Ozimals is holding a fun little hunt on the Magic of Oz sim right now. It is called the Holi Hunt, and what does that mean?

This might be a long one, more after the cut.

Well Holi is an ancient Hindu spring festival, also known as the festival of colours. I had a friend growing up, who celebrated the festival. It was always an interesting time to be going to play at her house. He mom always decorated the house in bright colours. There was always lots of food and music playing. We would sneak down the stairs after bedtime, and watch the adults dance. We always got caught, but that was part of the fun too.

Traditionally, groups of people go out with coloured chalks or dyed water, and basically throw it or spray it at anyone they see. The results are a vivid, colour laden population, all in celebration, enjoying their day. They play music, sing, dance and eat. It is a festival for all people, from young to old, no matter your station. 

I never got to see that part in canada, but it sure does sound like fun. 

The Ozimals team has brought the spirit of the festival to the hunt, while asking the merchants on the sim to also participate. You need to tp to the sim, click the hunt sign to get your platter. You have to wear the platter on your head, and go collect little pots of colours, which are hidden around the sim. They are fairly easy to find. Once you have your plate all full, you click it, and choose name of the store you would like to receive a gift from. You will then get a big pot, which you wear on your hand. Then you have the task of finding the matching store, and inside, find the plate of colours. Be really close, then click your pot(which should be on your hand). You will then get sent your prize.

 It is a bit of a task, but the prizes are well worth it.

If that didn't make any sense to you, feel free to read the official instructions HERE. You can view what all the items look like(platter, pots, gift stations) as well as all the prize pics at that link as well.

 The hunt began yesterday, and runs until April 16th, 2015.

The list of participants are:

Start the hunt HERE.

I chose not to show all the prizes in this first post, due to my own SL time constraints today. I will get them all up, in the next little while. 

Random close up of these nails. They are from La Boheme. There is a whole wall of L$10 offers, as well as L$55 offers to the right and hunt giftboards/event boards to the left.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Biretta in Unicorn - Fantasy Faire 2015 Release(Ya, I am finally going to release it!)
Skin - PixyStix - Kamala Skin Cream Tone/Bubbles Face - *NEW* @ the Makeover Room
Eyebrows - La Malvada Mujer - Anne Eyebrow in Baby Blue - Not Free
Eyes - PixyStix - Oh So Shiny Eyes in Rose - *NEW* @ Bewbapalooza
Lashes - Lumae - Longer Eyelashes - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Mesh Mouth - Soul - Kissers in Cupid's Pout/Open Mouth - Not Free
Hands - Slink - Casual Pose - Not Free
Nail Appliers - La Boheme - Deco Iris Nails - L$10 Deal
Dress - katat0nik - Holi Dress - Ozimals Holi Hunt Item
Necklace - Zyn - Multi Hue Gem Necklace in Moonstones - Free
Crown - Violet Voltaire - Coloured Pearls Lolita Crown in Pink - N/A
Bow - Half-Deer - Butterfly Hair Bow in Rainbow - Ozimals Holi Hunt Item
Wings - Flutter - Holy White - N/A

Pose can be found at Shop Free*Style, where there are a bunch of pose packs ranging from Free to L$50.