Saturday, 4 April 2015

Last Minute Kitty

Twisted Hunt is coming to an end. Tomorrow, April 5th is your last day. It isn't a very long one, this spring, with only 83 stores in the lineup. I would normally be worried, starting so late, but it really didn't take all that much time. It was mildly enjoyable.

The only part I didn't enjoy was the endgame this year. It was wonderfully decorated, but they normally require more problem solving, this time around it was just tedious. For those that don't like things hard, it will be an easier endgame for you, there isn't much thinking involved, you just need a bit of time to dedicate to it.

One of the Endgame prizes is this super cute little kitty avi. I had so many people comment on it when I was prancing around doing other hunts, yesterday.

Start the hunt HERE.


Kitty Avi -  Co*Motion - Ecto Cat Avi - Twisted Hunt Endgame Prize

***Please Note - The Twisted Endgame is optional, you do not actually have to do it to enjoy the hunt. Each location in the hunt has their own prizes and extras. The Endgame is just there as a way to end the hunt as a whole, and have been a tradition since I do not know how long.***

Location - Everwinter