Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Don't Panic - Sponsor - Sn@tch - Part 1

 Sn@tch probably should have been the very first I covered for this series. Ivey is one of the creators of the actual game itself, working with a few others behind the scenes. I suspect she is the female voice on the hud, but it isn't confirmed.

There are 10 gifts to collect from Sn@tch. I will show you some more in upcoming posts.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum -Khepri in Red Darkness - N/A
Skin - Joli - Demoana in Blood/Dark Lips - L$99 Group Deal
Eyes - The Stringer Mausoleum - Possession Eyes in S.E. Red - Hunt Item @ Don't Panic
Lashes - Sn@tch -Lush Glam Lashes in Black - Not Free
Hands - Slink - Casual - Not Free
Nail Appliers - Dark Passions/Koffin Nails -Dusting for Fingerprints Set - Hunt Item @ Don't Panic
Dress - Sn@tch - Rose Louise Gown in Leopard - Hunt Item @ Don't Panic
Horns - Trap - Splintered Horns in Dark - Not Free

Did you read on our intro to "Don't Panic"? Best visit our post HERE. If you did, you can start your search HERE.