Friday, 8 November 2013

Home Cookin'

So in real life I may be known to have started a fire or three in my cooking adventures [sadly not the fancy flambé kind] but one of the wonderful things about secondlife is that even I can't mess up cooking on it! ^_^ I first discovered Follow Us! on the marketplace within a couple weeks of joining SL. I was taken aback by how cute everything was and how I could afford it without tears! Joining their completely free group hasn't disappointed me; they have new gifts every month and season and the quality is still fantastic.

This cutes cooker has both the coffee pose I'm showing above and another that has you cooking and is the group gift for November. It does come with a coffee mug but I substituted this super cute VIP gift from Sway in it's place. I naturally wanted to get all dressed up in casual cooking-wear so I swooped up the Crystalline group gift by Little Bones, lil grey top by Sn@tch, aaaand flipflops from HopScotch. It was finally time to do one of my favorite freebie things: type random words in marketplace! The marketplace is a treasure trove of items you don't even know you need until you type in elephant and realise there's always been something missing in your life. Typing in apron found me this super cute lil chef set by Plausible Body which comes with multiple color/visibilty options and is just really cute. Here's to hoping your cooking adventures on and off sl go better than mine! ^_^


Cooker - Follow Us! Cooker Box (0L group gift, some past group gifts also still available!)

Coffee mug - Sway Birdy Coffee Mug Hold (0L VIP group gift)

Hair - Little Bones Crystalline Ink Pot (0L group notices)

Apron/Hat - Plausible Body Chef Less Sexy White (0L comes with white and black/sheer and not! ^_^)

Top - Sn@tch Sheer Ribbed Tube Tops grey (0L past Lucky chair gift)

Sandals - HopScotch Sunflower Flipflops (1L subscribo gift set out in store - intended for slink feet but cute on my non-slink feet too!)

Capris - ShuShu Good Morning Capri Pants grey (0L wearable demo)