Friday, 9 August 2013

Shop Free*Style Fridays - Look 1

 As you all may have read last month here on Free*Style, Eden Knoller, then Co-Owner of Free*Style, has left the team due to RL obligations. Due to the demanding position of anyone owning a blog, much less one of this stature, which hosts a team of writers, has an inworld presence and a shop dedicated to promoting many of the grids designers, it's not a job any one person should have on their shoulders. That being said, I have stepped up out of the shadows as a behind the scenes staff member, and have taken on the new role of Co-Owner, along side Sileny Noel.

You, as readers, wont see any big changes, it'll still be the same Free*Style you love and enjoy. Most of the magic I will do will take place behind the scenes.

Free*Style was the first big community in sl that I ever participated in. Back in the day I was one of the freebie scouters, who would go various place(when I wasn't working) and I'd post landmarks, links or notecards full of places for our group members to enjoy. I later became a Guest Designer Stylist on the blog, and have now been blogging here for 4 years.

With comments being turned off on the blog, and the inworld group now being disbanded, I feel that there is a lot less opportunity for your voices to be heard. I have made a Form, which will allow you to have a voice with the Team of Free*Style. There is a section each for Info Submissions, Suggestions and Comments. Each part is explained more thoroughly on the Form itself. You can let us know about something awesome you found while shopping, like a new store, a lucky board, an event. You can suggest things for us to do in the future. You can even tell us how you liked a certain post, a link isn't working right, where get that hair from(example of us forgetting to credit something). You get the idea.

With all that being said, I am doing a new weekly post called Shop Free*Style Fridays, which will feature various designers at our very own Shop Free*Style.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum
Skin - Pink Fuel - Alena in Vanilla Tone/Azure Makeup - L$50
Makeup(Eyeshadow) - Chelle - Dramatic Shadows in Brown - L$50
Eyes - Banana Banshee - Roses Eyes in Earth - L$5 per play Gacha
Lashes - La Sylphide
Hands - Slink
Swimsuit - Nzuri - Gabrielle Swimsuit in Red - L$25
Necklace - Lassitude & Ennui - Stacked Pearls Necklace in Multicolor - L$0
Rings - Pididdle - Un Jolie Rings in Gold and Silver - L$25
Heels - Blossom - T-straps in Coal - L$25 per play Gacha

Pose 1 - Bang - Free*Style Pack A1 - L$10
Pose 2 - Es'Cusi - Bangles Girl - L$5