Sunday, 4 August 2013

Just use the Good China

I don't often get to use decor and furniture type things in sl. My store is limiting to what I can put in it, not that I mind. I don't have a home, okay not true, I have my linden home, but it's more for me to have a giggle, or somewhere to go where no soul will find me. I do have my work station, but I want all my primage for creating, not things I'll never see or use. What is most funny about all this is that my RL sister, who designs in sl, is in the Home&Garden category.

I did take out the time to find a skybox in inventory, and set it up for this post. Why? [CIRCA] has 2 group gifts right now, these decorative wall plates. There is this blue version, as well as a pink version. Grab yours before they go out of the group notices.


Skybox - Magic Nook - Past Hunt Gift - N/A
Wall Plates - [CIRCA] - Ladies Tea in Blues - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Cookie Plate - [CIRCA] - Epicure Mixed Cookie Plate in Garden variation - Not Free
Table - [CIRCA] - Party food side table in Summer Sorbet - Not Yet Released
Plant - Aria - Oolong Teacup Planter Moth Orchid in Lime - Past Arcade Gacha Item