Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Red Marketplace

One of my favorite ways to kill boredom lately is to just browse the Marketplace.  I pick a category and just flip through pages.  Most of the time I don't really find thing I love.  It's seriously a graveyard for items that were hot in 2007 and a giant pool of stolen content.  It can get pretty frustrating.  But then every once in a while I find things I love.  It's even better when they are freebies or cheapies!  One example would be CStar,.  For some reason they have a bazillion free fatpacks on the Marketplace right now.  I had to read the descriptions over and over again to make sure I was reading right.  These skins are gorgeous!  There is something for everyone, as long as you like things a bit quirky.
Another thing I found was this lipstick from Unicorn Dreams.  The red is the exact right shade that can fit with any skin tone and it's only 30L.  Love!  I thought this tube top was pretty cool and creative with the little lungs drawn on the front.  It's from a store called Paper Heart.  The store has lots of cheap things and they are generally pretty wacky and fun.  My shape was custom made for me from a store called Entropy.  I was on Plurk talking about how I was sad that the Eaters Coma brand hair just did not fit my head.  Next thing I know I had a gift waiting for me!  This shape was made with my body type in mind and the skin brands I often wear in mind as well.  It was a lovely surprise!  So if you want a shape check out Entropy. :)
Skin: CStar, free on marketplace (also comes with white eyes, shown on the left of the photo)
Lipstick: Unicorn Dreams, 30L
Shirt: Paper Heart, 25L
Red Prim Eyes: Tacky Star
Shape: Entropy.  This shape was custom made for me.  I recommend checking out the shapes Entropy has at The Men's Department for men if you are looking for a new one!