Tuesday, 5 March 2013


4 years ago today I started blogging here on Free*style as a guest designer blogger. I have always enjoyed me time here, and tho sporadic, loved to bring you posts of the oddball things I have collected on the grid.

I decided in honor of the day, I would revisit the style of my first post, which you can view HERE for giggles.

Now normally I would chat you all up and tell you the reasons why I loved what I put together, but RL is calling. I will just let the items speak for themselves.


Skin - Adore&Abhor - Red in the Dark Skin - L$0 @ Shop Free*Style
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Morning Hunt in Deep Drink - NA
Eyes - Byte Sized Shapes - Nocturnal Eyes - L$1
Lashes - Ploom - Prim Lashes 01 - Not Free
Makeup - Repulse - Gashed Eyelids II - Subscribo Group Gfit
Teeth - Gianetti - Bloody Retractable Fangs - NA (Dead Store)
Tattoo - Raeli - A Warrior's Battle - L$10
Dress - World's End Garden - Le Dernier Lamento - L$0 Group Gift (Free to Join)
Face Adornment - Ripped - Celtic Face Chains in Black - L$1
Necklace - Malfean Visions - Chartres Necklace Delirium RARE - L$20 per play Gacha for Twisted Hunt
Bangles - Snatch - Leather Bangles - L$0 @ Shop Free*Style
Ring - Sakide - Black Cross ring in Silver - L$40 per play Gacha @ Depraved Nation Event
Nails - Mad Echo - Bloody Hell Nails - L$10
Horns - Material Squirrel - Arna Horns in Darks - L$35 Deal

Skybox - Dragon Magick Wares -L$0 Twisted Hunt Gift

Poses - All from the various packs at Shop Free*Style