Monday, 4 March 2013

Bunny Hunt Part 1 - Dreaming Maiden

Heya ! I'm doing the Alice in RMK Gothic “Bunny Hunt”, this is a nice hunt that is testing my patience, since this is not the usual hunt... you need to go to RMK sim, and get numbered tickets to get the prizes... the thing is, the tickets are random dropped of random bunnies, this tickets are no copy and transfer .. so as soon you see one, buy it and take it! Wear the ticket and it will hand you the lm of were to claim the ticket. Few tickets have the wrong lm, in this case... check the official blog .

There is a point to exchange the double tickets you have.

I got a couple tickets, and i may blog more prizes soon.

Style Card

Skin: .ID. Elena / Arcade / Drama / Light by Audrey Lamede - group gift, 150L fee to enter

Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Norma" (Type B)(Red amber) by Marisa Kira (non free)

Outfit: RMK*Bunny Hunt* Ticket #15: *Dreaming Maiden* by note Eel for Bunny hunt, includes outfit, hat, clock and a trumpet (not show)

Pose: HIS52 card pick up by Sixx Yangtz