Thursday, 31 January 2013


I am having trouble keeping items rezzed when I take a photo that includes both avatars and textured items.  o.0  Weird, I know.  Fortunately these items are cute with no avatar in the picture. :D  My pillows and bird cage are from Circa at The Designer Warehouse.  The cage is not free but the pillows are!   You can get them by joining the Cookie Jar group and clicking the boxes in front of the lovely items for sale in celebration of the events anniversary.  One pillow has male sits and the other female so even boys can enjoy them. :D  Also gifts from the Cookie Jar group are this little rose planter to hang on your wall from Sleepy Hollow Farms, in a heart shape just in time for V-Day, and these cute little items on the pillow from Cleo Designs, which are in a travel theme.  Also included in the package from Cleo Designs are things like slippers to wear suitcases to wear and rezz, etc.  Fun times!
oh hey there stuff_003
Check the event for lots more group gifts!
More Info.:
Pillows: Circa @ The Designer Warehouse, Cookie Jar group gift
Bird Cage: Circa @ The Designer Warehouse, not free but it's cute and I wanted to blog it and the birdies make cute sounds and it's awesome so there. :P
Hanging Heart w/Flowers: Sleepy Hollow Farms @ The Designer Warehouse, Cookie Jar group gift
Travel-Themed Items: Cleo Designs @ The Designer Warehouse, Cookie Jar group gift
*Designer Warehouse Slurl*