Thursday, 31 January 2013

Coming Soon! : Shop Free*Style

Sorry no photos on this post but instead a bit of news about our new stores!  Sometime later in February, Free*Style will be opening two new stores.  For years we had a store but between sim closings and lack of time, we sadly let it fall by the wayside.  But we are coming back and we are coming back big! Our stores will be named Shop Free*Style.  In addition to offering some nice freebies and dollarbies, we will be offering items at L$25 and L$50.  I will tell you why without mincing words:  I love freebies so much, I really do, and I get thrilled by the "score" of a great find.  But Free*Style, in spite of our name, has never really been all about freebies.  We will continue to show great free and cheap items on the blog - that is just what we do here and we love it.  But we are all consummate shoppers and very supportive of the amazing content creators in SL.

To survive as a creator in SL you have to make Lindens (unless you are independently wealthy).     The time spent in creating and marketing items as well as overhead like materials, rent/tier, software, hardware, event fees or profit sharing deals -- you get my drift -- really adds up in cost.  And we want great store owners to stick around so we are including non-free items that will be a tremendous value to shoppers but will allow the designers to get something back for their effort.  Free*Style has no money and we will not profit from this endeavor.  The land has been donated, builds have been donated and there is no cost to designers to participate.  We have been sending out invites to designers as fast as we can but undoubtedly we will overlook somebody or you are a new designer and we just don't know about you!  We have prim limits so we cannot accept everybody who wants to participate but if you are interested please contact me, Eden Knoller, and/or Sileny Noel or Qopi Resident.  None of us bite, I promise.

Final words, we are going to be really picky about item quality.  Our invitation goes into more detail about that for interested designers, but for us lucky shoppers the items will be current and interesting.  We are going to have some gatcha's too.  How many will depend on our prim limits and script lag but we love them.  This is a store, not an event, so designers do not have to keep creating new items for the store, but only when they want to add something new or it's simply time for a replacement.  

I will update soon!  Eden Knoller