Monday, 28 January 2013

Rainbows and Unicorns

Hi guys!  I bought this unicorn the other day at Genre and really wanted to take pictures with it but I had no clue what to wear.  When Alice Project released this hunt gift hair with all sorts of potential rainbow magic and then my store partner released this group gift rainbow dress I knew I had found a match for my 'corn!
rainbows, free*style version :D
Short post today since I have lots of household stuff to do, info. below!
Hair: Alice Project, The Sinister Goth Sinner's Hunt gift, must join the Sinister Goth group to receive this item
Dress: Adore&Abhor, VIP group gift (50L join fee, also comes with "naughty" nipple-baring version.)
Unicorn: La Petite Morte @ Genre, 100L, comes with multiple poses built in
Skin: Essences @ The Dressing Room, not available there anymore but there is a new skin out