Sunday, 27 January 2013

Freebies at Elate!

Last night I received a notice from the Elate! subscriber informing me that Elate now has a newbie gift out in their stores, but also, for this week only it is available free instore to everyone! There are actually two outfits available. One is a cute T and jeans outfit, and the other is an adorable dress, so here they are:

(some simple pumps are also included, and a variety of shapes, not shown).


Skin: Tuli ~ Helena (previously available at The Dressing Room Fusion),
Hair: Tableau Vivant ~ Loire,
Eyes: poetic colours ~ Oriental Pearl (instore freebie),
Lipstick: Izzie's ~ Ginerva lipstick (free gift over at the Truth District branch of Izzie's here),
Outfits: Elate! (newbie gift's available instore to everyone for this week only!),
Shoes: whatever ~ CG Spikes.

Trini xx