Friday, 18 May 2012



earrings; | 1L | here. (the whole shop is super cheap filled with 0L - 1L items, be sure to check it out!) 
necklace; sys group gift | SYS-Project Update Group | free to join, here.
headband; tram group gift |  tram :) | free to join, here. ( the headband is scattered around the shop like a mini hunt, there are 4 other colors to find! if you need hints, leave me a message inworld. )
top; ricielli group gift | Ricielli Update | free to join, here. at culture shock.
shoes; g field | 0L | here. at culture shock.
clutch; finesmith | 0L | here.
watermelon pool thing ( lol ); +9 | 0L | here. (there are a bunch of freebie items so be sure to look around! soo much foood, shoes, and hats! yumyum.)

non free
hair - boon, Boo Nakamura.
skin - curio, Gala Phoenix. 
pants - glam affair, Aida Ewing. | culture shock.

ily buhbye!