Thursday, 17 May 2012

512 on a budget

Just a quicky post about a little house that is perfect for prim savers and folks who have a Linden land allotment through Premium Membership.  Baby Monkey has this house for a promotional cost of L$ 25 for the next two weeks before it goes up to a whopping 50 L.  The house has a 13x30 footprint and is suited for a 512 lot.  It comes in 3 versions for one price: an unfurnished skybox of 38 prims, an unfurnished house of 44 prims and a furnished house of 107 prims.  The house is soft linked so that you can remove furniture (just remember the door is also soft linked so please rez in build-mode).  You can modify and add your own textures, too!
Living Room
Large bedroom on 2nd floor.  No sexies on this bed -- sorry!
Stairway to Heaven?
Terrace on Rooftop

These are just quick and dirty photos taken on my work platform.  The topiaries are only 10 L at the shop.  There are also larger versions with more furniture possibilities that are also available at half price.  There are demo versions of the houses that include footprints and you can see the furniture at the store.  TP here to check it out!