Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Ride It, My Pony

NOTE: I had the wrong slurl for Hate me and Eat Me earlier but it is now fixed!  Sorry for any confusion.
I was looking around Marketplace out of boredom the other day and I stumbled across this pretty cheapie shirt and neck scarf combo.  I'm all about finding new places for meshy goodness so I thought I would share this.  Plus, hey, pink and hearts for the win!  I like the sort of innocent feel of the pattern and higher collar with the naughty cropped bottom and I thought wearing the hair bridle from Hate Me and Eat Me with it would add that extra sauciness to it.  My skin was a hunt gift from The Skin You're In and unfortunately it doesn't appear to be available any longer.  There are, however, other hunt gifts and MM boards, etc. in the store so check it out.
Top: Feed, 10L on Marketplace
Hair Bridle: Hate Me and Eat Me
Skin: The Skin You're In, no longer free but other gifts in store
Hair: Alice Project
Eyeliner: MiaSnow