Thursday, 5 April 2012

Pierced and Fierce

Just a head shot for you today.  I usually do shots from the waist up and here is my secret: I do from the waist up 1. to show better detail on the face/accessories/etc. because it's closer and I am too lazy to take a far away and a close-up for one post and 2. it means I don't have to wear shoes or pants or anything. LOL.  Now you know. :P 
My piercings are one of the current hunt gifts from Phoebe's Piercings.  It's really fun with the tiny little dangling skull and is mod to fit your face.  There are unisex hunt gifts in the store so the boys should check it out too.  My hair is one of several colors in the April Action Hair VIP group (250L join fee) and I love this store because they give so many gifts and they are always lovely.  My skin is by me, lol, for the Adore&Abhor VIP group (50L join fee.)  My eyes are from Banana Banshee for Wear Gray and there are lots of colors available. The event is a charity event and is one of the few events that I know are totally legit donation wise so make sure to check it out. My shape is from Savoir Faire at Motif and is mod and super cute.  Motif is a new event for some designers buddies to just work together and have fun and I am excited to see what we all can bring each month.  My prim lashes are oldies but goodies from Redgrave.