Thursday, 5 April 2012

Learning Mesh the Petite Way

***WARNING - This is a Petites Post, you must own a Yabusuka Petite Avatar to wear these items***

My wonderful RL sister(Cherelle Capra of [CIRCA]) gifted me this petite avatar upon my arrival to the new sl. It was a big and scary concept to me, mesh hitting the grid, and how it would effect my store, but alas, this little creature made me feel a bit better.

With so few designer making things for these little mesh avatars, it wouldn't easy to make up a post on them, or so I had thought. Luckily I was pleasantly surprised, and did find enough things to clog up FreeStyle for a little bit, with all the epic tiny person cuteness!

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 5th-1

The dress is from Evie's Closet. As with all her work, it is wonderfully crafted, the only issue being that the prim sleeve pop off when I have my hands on, and a girl needs her hands to do stuff, you know? In the pic below you will see the puff sleeve, with a handless(though you can't see) Helena. These little avis have a skin tint hud, which I had a tonne of fun with to get the right look for this set of shots.

The little mouth heart noms is a little gift from Heartistic. Little balls of light poof out of the noms, whih give you an even more mystical feeling while finding a flowerpot to live in.

DV8 also has joined the Petites bandwagon, and put out a bunch of outfits this week. Vasha was ever so kind as to make a gift, which are the bracelets I am wearing.

Last but not least is my fav find. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE eyes, so when I saw these I was so happy to have something easily accessible for my lil new me. You get 3 different colours in this generous gift from Painfully Divine. Each one went with the outfit, but I love the gold the best.

I have so much more to show you guys, so look out for a new petites post soon!

*Flies off to make more mini hairs*

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 5th-2

Avatar - Fallen Gods Inc. - Royale Petite Avatar - L$1500 (Personal Tint)
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Orly in Bliss - Not Free (will be released this weekend)
Eyes - Painfully Divine - Orchard Eye in Gold - FREE (Marketplace Gift Only)
Dress - Evie's Closet - Nyria Dress - FREE (Mall Gift)
Bracelets - DV8 - Deathrock Bracelets - FREE (Instore Gift)
Mouth Nom - Heartistic Expressions - Heart Nom - FREE (Instore Group Gift)
Poses by Ks2cool