Sunday, 11 March 2012


Just a little mix and match look for you today before I go back to enjoying my lovely, rainy Sunday.  Anyone but me just love cloudy, slightly gloomy, but still warmish days?  Love them.  Anyway, my outfit is from Sn@tch.  The ivory-colored over shirt is part of a dress that you can win from the lucky boards in several colors.  My shirt and shorts are part of a set of about a zillion pieces (including roller skate sneakers and a skating AO!) that you can win in the 7Seas fishing pond** next to the lucky board.  My bag is a group gift from Tee*fy in store and it's mesh and so cute and also includes a larger shoulder style bag.
My hair is from Vive9 at Collabor88 and is pretty cool because it comes with a tattoo layer hair base portion that works to make the hair have a realistic center part.  My skin is from Adore&Abhor at Flux and is only 100L.  I took the eyebrow off the skin and added a little drama with the eyebrow remover that comes inside the punk eyebrows pack at Miss Shippe's Studio.
Top Bodysuit: Sn@tch, lucky board prize (part of a dress, includes several colors)
Shirt and Shorts: Sn@tch, 7Seas fishing prize (other items available to win as well)
Bag: Tee*fy, group gift in store (mesh)
Hair: Vive9 @ Collabor88
Skin: Adore& Abhor @ Flux
Eyebrow Remover w/Inner Eye Shading: Miss Shippe's Studio (part of an eyebrow pack)
**Note about 7Seas fishing:
To use the 7Seas fishing system *and* win all prizes you must purchase a pro rod (it's around 250L or something like that I think) and use bait (30L for 100 pieces.)  The fishing rod then can be used at any location that has 7Seas fishing and you don't ever have to purchase another rod, just bait when you run out.  There are a zillion places that allow 7Seas fishing so it's very worth the cost.