Sunday, 27 February 2011

JustB and Hurry!

Hurry because some of these items are time limited and I'm just finding time to show them.  I've been meaning to do a post on JustB.  I think I found this store in a hunt and it's one I think deserves some more exposure.  Every month there is a new dollarbie and this month is almost over so might want to get over there quickly.  There are several items on sale for only 10 L.  I really like the dresses and am showing one here.  Lastly, my pal Shania Singh, has a new store on Whisper and for her Rez Day she has 2 pairs of stockings out, one free and one is 1 L.
Sweater: JustB: Cashmere Scoop Neck Blouse - Group Gift
Pants: Just B: Grey Tweed Pants - Unisex: 1 L til end of month
Necklace: Happy Finds: Living Forever is Leafing: Group Gift or you can buy in store
Hair: Zero Style: Ayase: not free
Skin: Dutch Touch: SteRRe: VIP Group Exclusive: Join fee + Skin is specially priced but not free
Dress: JustB: Two Tone Mini Dress - Slate: 10 L (I am not sure when the sale ends so don't miss it)
Stockings: Shania's Sock Shop: RezDay Dollarbie (includes tattoo layer so you can control the opacity you want): 1 L
Necklace: Happy Finds: Dark Owl Necklace: Group Gift or purchase in store
Hair: Exile: Hope - Fall: Not Free - buy special pack HERE. 100% of proceeds go to the Garden City Relief Fund (to benefit victims of the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zeeland.)