Thursday, 15 July 2010

Naughty Wench

Check out this free pirate costume that you can win via the lucky toilets at Gor Gurls. Love the torn candy-cane striped pants layer underneath.
This store was a completely random stumble-upon for me (RP maiden I am not). -- Listen, when you see all the poster girls wearing Lamb hair, you know there's gotta be a fashionista lurking nearby. Heh.
Here I'm showing the free MM board prize, which comes with fun accessories: rose-woven "wrist rope" bracelets (1 for each hand), these rose-topped white puffy dubloon things for the calves + a single hair rose. The white lace "skirt" barely covers anything, which makes me giggle. A very naughty wench look, indeed.

Ahoy matey! Wenchin' love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who spies naughty wench style every day in RL)


Pirate dress: Gor Gurls - Gor Goes Arrr - lucky toilet prize - free
Fore - Feathers Pierce w*Red
Tram - Classic Hair Accessory(yellow)
Cameo necklace:
Tram - Classic Necklace(yellow)
Gold bracelets: Glow Studio - Gold thin bracelets -
previously free
Paper Couture - Golden Wings Ring
Boots: Zhao - Victorian Boot Black
Redgrave - [*RG*] 06 Tan Skin -Zuri- /*deepred
Hair: Truth - Gretel - Fudge
Poetic Colors - Ocean - Driftwood
Cake - Bedroom Lashes
White camisk look (includes hair rose, rose wrist ropes + poofy rose-topped white poofies): Gor Gurls - Boxed Roses Yellow - lucky toilet prize -
Tram - Carnation Flats - beige (buy gift bag for $0L near entrance; a really free cute poses set in the other gift bag) - free
Poses by: Everglow