Friday, 9 April 2010

Parallel Love Loves You!

There are sooo many new free gifts at Parallel Love right now!! OK, there are three, but it's still a lot lol. First up is thew super sweet anniversary item, only 1L and perfect for spring.Then we have the current group gift! Free to join and worth the slot!Then there is a red version of the black and white free dresses that have been out a while. Spicy!The poses are3 by H:3D and I think they are great for taking pics! The socks are in the Silent Sparrow egg hunt gift on the Lloyd sim but are only available through today!! Make sure to check out the for sale items at Parallel Love too because they are super cheap (like most 50L or less) and very high quality.

Dresses: Parallel Love, 0L-1L
Socks: Silent Sparrow, Starlust Egg Hunt gift
Poses: H:3D, 30L each or 139L for a fat pack
Hair: Lamb
Skin: Lara Skins
Shoes: Periquita
Tattoo In Pic. 2: Radicalism
Tattoo In Pic. 3: Sn@tch

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