Friday, 9 April 2010

eyeshadow addict!!

Molto Bene huggable pillow for 50L friday, Hani shorts, Yuna hair and tube dress!

Huggable pillow by Molto Bene, changes a TON of textures, 50L Friday item. hurry! This is my favorite texture. heh. and it makes me feel happy hugging the pillow :D
Hair: D!va hair, this hair is available in ginger(a little more reddish) in the lucky board! I bought it for 100L because the lucky board hates me and I really like the blond anyway. But maybe it loves you!

SL 2.0 makeup, Cheap Makeup by Stella Semaphore, not free
shorts: Hani, green color is free!
skin, Le.look skin from Lelutka, Estelle, was free, not available any more but you probably have it so OMG please try some SL 2.0 makeups with it, very cool!

hair: Yuna hair gacha, was blogged by Sileny. I went and played several more times, I managed to get black, onyx, red, soil, gold. YAY! Definitely one of my favorite hairs.
sculpted tube top with gorgeous lace: 10L at Hani, special service item!
blue shorts - buy the blue and purple versions for 5L at Hani!
skin: was a free skin from Lara Skin at christmas, not available
SL 2.0 makeups from Cheap Makeup by Stella Semaphore, not free but go demo if you're using 2.0 viewer! I officially love 2.0 eyeshadows.

Okay so today I managed to successfully use SL 2.0 beta viewer. and guys! guess what! I'm just so amazed by the possibilities of the new face tattoo layer. SKINS! any eyeshadow on just one skin! And we are all cheap skin whores at heart, so :O :O :O at having a ton of makeups to play with. I tried on the SL 2.0 makeups with a ton of free skins I had, and every one of them look incredibly different. so don't throw away free skins just because you don't like the eyeshadow, you might be able to wear it with an SL 2.0 makeup layer!

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