Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Going for a different look today with my first Launa Fauna skin ever!! Skin was also blogged by Silver in when I say jump you say how high

L. Fauna skin

L.Fauna Love Skin & Lovelace Lingerie
Hair from W&Y, not free


This red lingerie set is a new group gift from Carrie's Lingerie, just wear yer group tag to get in store!

Suri, xoxo


Sasha Kormann said...

Oh!I love the skin you're wearing in picture 2. It's so cute and look just like Asian. Can you tell me where to get this lovely skin? :)

Suri Christen said...

skin by Lara Hurley. I am wearing the same skins of late! <3

MandyMandy said...

Hi Suri,

Yor hair is cut too!
Where can I buy it?