Friday, 2 April 2010

when I say jump you say how high

all poses, and especially gorgeous jumping poses from Snooky's Poses by Memo Snook, available at Pose Fair!(booth)(mainstore) I love jumps, especially in SL - so much less tiring posing than in RL heh.

LAUNA FAUNA SUBSCRIBO GIFT preview!! coming out on Saturday, tap that subscribo at her new mainstore!

Launa Fauna will be giving a group gift skin on Saturday, it comes in all tones and with/without freckles. lovely! Please join the subscribo in order to receive the gift.

outfit with bangles: subscribo gift from PARADISIS
gloves: MiaMai subscribo gift
boots(I've never worn the black ones, the orange are too cool): Maitreya halloween, probably still in the subscribo
earrings: Dark Mouse group gift - please add yourself to the subscribo to receive next month's group gift, the gifts are always beautiful!
hair: Fashionably Dead by Toast Bard, treasured gift from dingsss(heart) who needs to blog more :O
shirt: GATO group gift
gloves: MiaMai subscribo gift
leggings: GATO gift
bracelet: Ganked, current free set
hair: BP* by BettiePage Voyager
earrings: Dark Mouse group gift, join the subscribo to receive next month's gift, it's worth it!
tank and leggings: GATO, free
belt: SHADE THRONE, I love this belt!

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