Saturday, 10 April 2010

eclectic's wingtips :D

Eclectic Apparel, more gifts! :D

mmhmm all girls' poses by Snooky's Poses at Pose Fair and mainstore! I'm really feeling these poses, superr cute (yay jumps!) but also more calm, practical poses. try them out for yourself!
boys' poses by me! 50L for 8 poses, buy here.

Eclectic Wingtips is always generous with gifts, and she's changed the items in her MM board and lucky chair again. You can get the pink summer babydoll and the ripped shirt in red in her MM board and lucky chair! Also showing some other pretty items from her store - all well made and always affordable at less than 100L. My favorite is definitely the cropped sweater heh! :D to Eclectic for being awesome!

hairflower: 1L at JetDoll sale
hair: Tiny Bird, current group gift (Autumn Hykova is a gift-giving goddess.)
sweater: squeee! 80L from E! Apparel
underneath, wearing Ohmai's tube bra in lime!
necklace:RIPE, love this doll necklace!
shorts: 20L from u.f.o
flats: Beetlebones gacha, lovelove these flats!

on Xing:
Sunglasses: MHO hunt gift from Fools Fate, actual version is only 150L and colorchange to a dozen colors! Hunt gift (free) comes in two frame colors and quite a few lens colors!
Shirt: KMadd gift from Connors. surl to gifts (Basically, you follow the surl, and then you jump over the railing into the water and follow the red beam. Thanks to Alan for showing me these gifts!)
Jeans: KMadd gift *FIR* surl to gifts
shoes: not free, Coco Designs

on me
ripped dress: E! Apparel! 80L
socks: sculpted, E! Apparel, 50L

on Xing:
ripped shirt in red: E! Apparel lucky board item!
tie: E! Apparel, not free
jeans: KMadd gift *FIR* surl to gifts

on me
dress: E! Apparel MM board, free! Oh I stretched the skirt prim to wear as a dress.
necklace:RIPE, love this doll necklace!

on Xing
tie: E! Apparel, not free
shirt and jeans: KMadd gift *FIR* surl to gifts

**first two pictures taken outside Neva's gorgeous house!
Last picture at my umm, house haha. More like a bunch of trees!

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Jinx said...

Im confused, I always seem to just get demos from Tiny Bird? lol