Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Sanu is busy again and I couldn't be happier.  She has filled her lucky chair with monocles, is participating in the OmNom hunt as well as a miniquest exclusive to her store.  Also she has restocked her lucky cupcake with mini-burgers and has gifts in the in-world group and discount earrings in the store.  There is so much I could show but I don't want to fill the blog page so I am going to show a sample of the items you  can pick up for free or next to nothing.
Outfit: Sanu: OmNom Hunt gift: free.   I told Sanu that I don't eat red meat and her reply was something along the lines of "SL lets you do lots of stuff you wouldn't do in be a giant cat with wings... or have unicorn babies (that is the PG version)..."  The sculpting on this outfit is simply amazing.  Anything Sanu makes is of such exceptional quality and I admire her so much.
I adore the items in her mini-hunt.  They are made of gorgeously simple sesame seeds.  So clever and elegant.
Sesame pieces: Sanu: earrings and lip ring: part of the mini-quest items
Monocle: Sanu: lucky chair prize
The monocle works equally well on the menfolk.  Guys, do not fear this chair!

Other items Eden:
Skin: Mango, Mango!: Almost Natural: 1 L: Sileny Noel's fantastic shop.  Her skins keep getting better and better!
Hair: Neva and Neva.2 (not free)

On Cmoney Shuffle:
Skin: The Abyss: Orion
Hair: Discord Designs: Chad


Sileny said...

:D:D:D Thank you Eden!

And SL burgers FTW!

Eden Knoller said...

I love you, Sil! <3