Wednesday, 10 March 2010

mango, mango skin for 69L humpday!

Sileny has an Asian-ish (in my humble opinion) new skin out for 69L hump day and you should go try demos :) we are both wearing it here, how cool is that! It comes in three natural makeups and with the shape that Sileny's wearing too.

tp over to Mango, Mango!
P.S. if you like breasticles on that, the cleavage layer is 250L from redgrave, which I specially bought in excitement to (sort of) match sileny's skin :D

on sileny:
skin, 69L at Mango, Mango!
dress, MM board prize from Nightshade Designs
collar, picks reward prize from DV8.
hair, from 69, not free

on me: hair, Fabulous Fashion TV studio, part of giant hair gift from MADesigns
super detailed collar and earrings, Perturb/ation, hunt gift, free from Accessory Fair! (not really a hunt, you just go into the store and the gift is in the middle of the store waiting for you!)

not free:
gorgeous outfit: Delia, a new release from Blue Blood, Ghana Uriza is mad talented!
mouth piercings, skream at accessory fair
cheerno gloves, tiara and bracelet from ROZOREGALIA

Glitterati also has a ton of free friends and couple poses, katey coppola is soo niceee. This pose is modded from one of their free poses!

Oh yeah, the last picture is to show the Mango, Mango! skin better and us looking pretty. and maybe to show that we do spend half our second lives spending money haha! you should too!
my orange bracelet stack is by gems & kisses at accessory fair and my rosette nebula necklace from perturb/ation! leggings from Michami, Aoharu vest, tazzmania dress
sileny's jacket is from aoharu, i think!


Sileny said...

Hahhaa yeah last picture the jacket is from Aoharu, tattoos from sn@tch, dress from Cupcakes, all not free. Hair from Exlile @ Enky's dollar store, free.

Thank you sooo much for blogging this looks awesome :O

silver milneaux said...

ooh okay I'll add it later, i can't SURL now haha. damn i want that hair! yeah you look awesome <33 and we look preeettyyyy in your skins!