Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Will You Be My Valentine??

**Drums Roll**
Say....will you be my valentine?


Kusshon Valentine!

Kusshon Valentine!

Kusshon Valentine!

Kusshon Valentine!

Matt & Suri

Vitamen Monthly gift

Here's some snapshots of me and Matt on our "Underwear Wednesdays", I brought this cuttttest table set home from Kusshon and waited for him to come home!

This table set includes 2 chairs with feeding animation (awww...), marshmarllows and cookies, and some champagne to drink as well! This is by far the cutest valentine's gift I've seen so far, I can't believe it's free! I would have gladly handed my money over for something as good quality as this.

Take the SURL and get it before it dissappears!!

Matteoo is wearing the NEW underwear gift from Vitamen. The poster is hot hot hot, but I'm not too sure about the pink heart shaped princess-style necklaces; or is that just me?

TP to Vitamen!
TP to Kusshon!

Suri, xoxo


Fricker Fraker said...

Ahhh :) warms my heart. Viva la Romance! You two look so great in those pictures.

Cmoney said...

Matt looks pretty buff for of that sweet sugar he gets every day!

Suri Christen said...

I like buff *growls*...thanks both for the comments, you got the table yet? :)

Epiphany Carnell said...

I'm probably being completely airheaded (not unusual for me) but following your slurl takes me to a mens clothing shop, and despite searching I can't seem to find the table?

Nadine said...

hey Suri - I couldn't find the table when I went this morning. Could you kindly let me know where it is exactly?

cause all the SLURL lead to Vitanen...

Suri Christen said...

OH crap I must have pated the wrong SURL - Fixing now!!

Anatalia Honi said...

What skin is that the male is wearing? I like it a lot.

Suri Christen said...

Matt wears belleza skin, Thomas, was a gift during christmas time