Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Frosted Pink

Just a small homage (that seems appropro this week) to the most girlie-girl color of them all.

Normally I'm not so much a pale skin kinda gal but I luhs this new free candy pink lipped one by Hal*Hina with a li'l face tat on the cheek. Worn with my fave Violet Voltaire candy jewelry, the free white "snow glass" bubbles necklace by Ruru@Pino that I can't seem to stop loving + this cute free pink updo hair by Posh (part of a hair giftie with several styles at the door).
This free V-Day pink hearts set by D-Design covers all your bits + bobbles with a healthy smidge o' V-day hearts kitch.
These adorable bear slippers that you can win in the Mocha lucky board are nice + smelly now that I've been trolling all over the grid in 'em.
My SL sweet tooth has been living for this generous pack o' free noms in this pink cuppycake Snacks N' Sweets Hunt gift by Pink Fuel. Includes a smaller mouth treat + several cupcakes that you can hold, each with various built-in poses; you can even combine cupcakes for your extreme munchies moments. This was me demonstrating my double-fisted cuppy consumption technique.
And this was me just being just plain ol' greedy.
Now that I've satisfied my sweets cravings for the next few hours, must be time for um, more shoppings. Girlie-girl love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's been called a girlie-girl more than once, or maybe daily)


Skin: Hal*Hina - skin *st Valentine presents* - group lucky board prize (join group for $0L + wear tag to hit the board) - free
Pink hearts lingerie: D-Design - Valentine Boxed (group gift) -
Pink cupcakes: Pink Fuel - I Heart Cuppycakes Pack - free
Hair: Posh - Vday - Scarlet (included in Valentine's Day Freebies gift; look outside door in HoPo location) -
Hair bow: Truth
- free
Bear slippers: Mocha - Bear Slipper - Camel - group lucky board prize (join group for $0L + wear tag to hit the board) - free
White necklace: Ruru@Pino - Snow Slow Glass - group gift -
Lollipop necklace: Violet Voltaire - Lollipop Guild Necklace - Rainbow
Earrings: Violet Voltaire - Kawaii Cameo Hearts
Gloves: Cynful - Gloves Kiss Pink - Nail + Tattoo
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes (Raven)
White lashes (little dots near eyes on face): Glow Studio - Rhapsody Lashes
Dark lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes


Sylvester said...

Wow! Tesh you look HOT!
That lingerie looks amazing on you.
Will you be my Valentine?

Tesh said...

Um Sylvester, you might wanna check with Gavin. LOL. Thanks for reading :O)

Gavin said...

Sorry Sylvester I asked Tesh first and she said yes. I'm sure there are other girls out there that have not yet been asked.

Happy early Valentine's Day Tesh