Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Umi Usagi and Candy Nail!

Umi Usagi has this great outfit as a group only 20 minute item camp. There are four seats so no need to budge in line :DIf you are in the Candy Nail group you can win this cute prim nails and ring set off of the lucky board. They look like drippy candy and I love them.If you don't want to join a group you can do the lucky board that is for anyone at Candy Nail and win this cute chocolate mixing bowl and whisk. Fun!
Outfit: Umi Usagi, group only item camp
Nails and Ring Set: Candy Nail, group only lucky board
Mixing Bowl and Whisk: Candy Nail, lucky board
hair: Sixty-Nine, past gift no longer available
Skin: B. Bodenhall, not free
Right Eye: The Plastik, past gift no longer free
Left Eyes: Umi Usagi, lucky board prize
Piercings: Sanu, past gift, no longer free

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