Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Valentines with Cockles & Tee*fy

With Valentines coming up, don't you just feel the luuurrveee in ze sl air?! Hee... I decided to do some looks circling around a few great items coming from Cockles and Tee*fy!

Azure Electricteeth and Xerras Azalee are both excellent bloggers and you can read more about their fashion musings on their blog Pombom! Recently though, both girls have taken a stab at creating in world and I must say I couldn't be happier for em! Not only are they really stylish they do have quite a great knack at making amazing pieces for in grid fashionistas to mix and match!

For this special Valentines occasion, both stores have come up with Valentines Day dollarbies. Xerras over at Cockles has put out this adorable version of her sweater that comes in both men and women sizes. So why not drop on by with your lover to get matching sweaters for the occasion? Azure at Tee*fy on the other hand specializes in gorgeous tights, so she has put out a heart printed legging for us! I particularly love the shade of pink she chose and this tights are so versatile it can definitely stay in your wardrobe till even after Valentines~

Valentines With Cockles & Tee*fy I

Both these items are only available till Feb 14th -- so remember to drop by and grab em!
TP to Cockles or Tee*fy~

Aside from that, I also wanted to show some great item the girls are offering. Both stores carry gatcha machines and we all know what that means. Great prizes and great gifts for friends if you get double the items! Cockles has 12 (yes 12!) different shades of color of this amazing unisex sweater. It's 40L a try and the sweaters are packed in transferable boxes~ Tee*fy's gatcha carries polka dotted leggings in 7 different shades that can be used in so many occasions, the machine is just 30L a spin -- so worth it!

Both stores carry items all 100L and under, so for budget shoppers out there, these 2 places are great places to shop for some goodies. Below I've showcased some couple wear mainly circling around sweaters from Cockles and leggings from Tee*fy! Enjoy!

Valentines With Cockles & Tee*fy II

Valentines With Cockles & Tee*fy III

Valentines With Cockles & Tee*fy IV

Valentines With Cockles & Tee*fy V

So till next time~ HUGS AND KISSES XD


Whatsername again....? said...

Cute stuff! Where are the the beads from in pic 22?

Valletta said...

Great post Anya!
Where is the pearl necklace from in the second picture?

anya.ohmai said...

The pearl necklace is from the Japanese Store Atelier*AM :

Thank you ^^

apple said...

are all the hair used for this post fr the same shop=?

please pass on the link :) thanks