Monday, 8 February 2010


I love these jewels. They are big and bold and just great.There is also a lucky chair, an MM board, and a group gift. All awesome. Go now. Even the regularly priced items are only around 50L-75L.

Necklace and Bracelets: Ganked, free on the blue chair
Hair: Magika, not free
Skin: AtomicBambi, not free
Undies: Ingenue, 75L in the clearance room (take the tp upstairs near the MM board)


silver milneaux said...

I LOVELOVELOVE LOVELOVE that jewellery! and ooo sileny, you look hot!

Tesh said...

*hears sizzlin' in the corner* oops must be Sileny with that hawtie HAIR . . .

Cmoney said...

Sileny looks stunning in all of that ice. The name of the store sent a chill up my spine, though. The word "Ganked" can be defined: to swindle; to rob, steal; to copy, reproduce, reuse, or save an image, idea, or work of another person, often in the context of materials. I'm not trying to cast dispersions but what a name to choose for your SL biz, SL being the stolen ideas capitol of the internet. :)

Evangeline Eames said...

These jewels are sooo amazing! Go get them ladies!

Misti Merryman said...


I'll agree the name isn't the most elegant, but when I started creating, coming up with a store name was just a minor hassle I wanted to get over quickly. I've gotten lulz out of the word since I first heard it, and it's more about it being so great you wanna steal it ^_^

I've had a lot of people tell me they've never seen anything like my stuff in SL since this post and I'd agree. I'm a shopaholic and I only make stuff that I'd like to find but never could. My ideas are ganked from my own head.

I thought about content theft a lot when I started making this jewelry and shopped for anti theft tools and all that mess, then I just took a chill pill. What I make just flows outta me and it's not gonna stop any time soon. Nobody can effectively steal my stuff unless they steal me. I'm not really in it for the money anyway. It's a fantastic creative outlet and 100% of my joy from it comes from people being interested in it.