Thursday, 11 February 2010

Mmmm . . . Donuts

Nuthin' like some tasty sweet treats to get the AM started right. Especially when they consist of the ginormous donut kind. With frosting.

Here's me + my fabby friends Monte Teardrop, Wan Demina (creator of pose/animations store DeminAtions) + Gavin McGinnis basking in the zero cal glory of SL doughnut glory. This huge + tasty 3-donut chair is a scant 7 prims (!), comes with several built-in poses (more not seen here) + is free courtesy of RnB Designs Furniture for the Snacks N' Sweets Hunt. *gives a Homer Simpson-like sigh of tremendous donut satisfaction*
Wan was showing us the new funness she put into her MM board in honor of V-Day (on a 69 count lockdown, tee hee) + we all had such a great time with 'em. Check out this adorable bundle of free heart-shaped balloons that you can hold, which sways you from side to side while bobbing you up and down.
These silly balloons are way fun + gave us all a fit of the giggles. Plus there's something about swishing around on these airy things that just throws you back to being 8 years old again, when you wondered what it'd be like to simply float away.

Sweet balloon love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who dreams of floating away . . . preferably with donuts)


Donut chairs: RnB Designs Furniture - RnB Donuts - *SnS #31 (look for a cupcake) - free
*HINT: Where do you go when you're hungry for eats? Hmmm . . .

Floaty balloons: DeminAtions - Valentine Balloons - MM board prize (69 count) - free
I'm wearing (top middle donut):
T-shirt + gloves: Deviant Girls - Cupid Heart Hunt - Stitched Heart T and Stitched Heart Gloves - free
Leggings: Milk Motion - My Cutout Leggings Red

Special thanks to Monte Teardrop, Wan Demina + Gavin McGinnis for sharing in all the donut-y, floaty fun *mwuahs*


Gavin said...

This was so much fun to shoot. Munching down on some SL donuts then still being light enough to float away with a hand full of balloons.

Keep up the great work Tesh I love reading your posts.

Monte said...

Im still floating...cant stop ! lol
Thank you Tesh! ℳonte loves you~!

Tesh said...

Awwww thanks so much for shooting with me guys! How fun to float away with you all :O) xoxo