Friday, 5 February 2010

Night Queen

Some dark gifties for you...along with some silliness because that's how I roll.
Night Queen 2.5
I love this dress from the Nightshade MM board. Something about a short skirt and a high collar that tickles my fancy.
Night Queen 1
Who doesn't love multi-colored hair?
RRS Cheapies!
Oh! Are those ice cream shoes I spy? Why yes they are! Also flowers! Oh *RSS*, how I love thee, let me count the ways. One ice cream...two ice cream...three ice cream...
Hair: Nikita Fride, Xstreet special for 49L
Skin: Red Queen, group gift in store (50L enrollment fee)
Dress and Hat: Nightshade, MM board prize
Bon Bon Shoes w/out Ice Cream: *RRS*, 1L
Bon Bon Shoes w/Multiple Ice Cream Accident Options: *RRS*, 25L
Spring Flower Shoes: *RRS*, 10L


xmyaxx Kaliopov said...

wow love the pics and the style u did, great work!!!

Sileny said...

TY so much! <3

Jaxie Oceanlane said...

<3 Sileny. loll, brilliant pairing of goth and giggles :) Thanks!