Thursday, 3 December 2009

Fun in the Box

I logged on to my favorite alt to find many fun things! The sky box I am in is great. It's very simple, but wonderfully constructed. The tree is a demo that was sent to the Forest Feast subscriber (the demo versions are no copy so they are like gifts you can use! Their plants are AMAZING and I pretty much only buy my trees and flowers there these days.) and I love having trees indoors, I don't know why :P The natural vibe of the sky box worked well with this group gift skirt from Parallel Love too. I think I have to go back and buy this skirt in all colors...the quality is very high.
lean back xonx!2
The pen around my neck makes me happy. Look at how I am smiling! It is a gift from Sanu that gives Christmas themed scribble tattoos when clicked by anyone. The snowflakes and presents and such you see on my body throughout the post are those tattoos. The skin I am wearing is the latest group gift from Rotten Toe. The items at Rotten Toe just keep getting better by the day, seriously.
XOnx is Happy too3
Another skin I got is a group gift from Romi skins. Romi are in my top five fave skin stores, so I was really sad to hear that they are closing their main store on December 15th. I hope things in the owner's life turn out well so it can be opened again not too long after! For now though the skins are extremely reduced in cost. The last two lines are 400L, but all the previous skins are maximum 100L. And they do MALE skins too. You hear that guys? MALE. Yes. Male skins for 100L. Awesome. Also very awesome is this tiger hat from Cutie Honey. It is the Snow Flake hunt prize and I have a feeling I won't be taking it off for a while :P
Xonx Tiger head2
SkyBox: D-Lab, group gift
Skin #1: Rotten Toe, group gift
Skirt: Parallel Love, group gift
Candy Cane Neko Ears: Cutie Honey, candy cane hunt gift
Pen w/Tattoo Dispensing Power: Sanu, free
Tiger Hat (attached hair) and Mittens: Cutie Honey, Snow Flake hunt gift

Kind of Free:
Skin #2 and Blonde Hair: Romi, group gifts*

Last time I checked Romi was 100L join fee. However, the group might be closed at the moment. If it is, still go and check out the 100L skin sale as well as the under 30 days freebie (if that applies to you).

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