Monday, 8 June 2009

For the Love of all things Ivlade(and L'Abel)


Some of you may have heard. Some of you may not have.

There has been much talk about Neferia Abel recently. Also of the future of her label. People were shocked to hear the sim was rendered private to the public.

Here was why:

Then after the uproar, this happened:

Then on plurk, I got the message, Monday June 8th was going to be a day to appreciate Nef and all her awesome work over the years. To share stories, and experiences.

So here is one of my many stories, and probably the most important.

July 2008-My sister contacts me, saying Neferia Abel was in her store. She wanted some art deco type furniture, and my sis came up in search. Being the wicked cool sis that she is, Cherelle decided to pimp me out. We had been following Nef's creations for a long time, and tho my styles in my store at the time were not really what I would have thought Nef to go for, she took a peak anyways. Cherelle just reminded me not too long ago, that at that time I had my pride shoulder pets out, right at the front of the store. Basically these guys are doing it on your shoulder. This would have been the first product of mine Nef would have seen.


Cher told me to hurry on up, and try to make a few retro styled hairs, to show to Nef. I had never went that route before. So I got up on it right away, and made 3 styles.

Nef contacted me a few days later. She was rebuilding her store, yet again. And she asked if I wanted a little spot. OMFG you got to be kidding me! I straight up nabbed that. And even tho I had my first ever hairfair on the way, I made 2 more retro styles, so I'd have a good start at the store. The real kicker? She gave me the store, for free, no rent. To some nobody designer, that she had never heard of.

Shocked by this generosity, I preceded to make a new ad template, to do Nef justice. I didn't want my store looking like crap! I also wore only her clothing for all my ads at Ivalde.

She used my hairs, encouraged me, would give me pics and say, give that a try. She would give Cherelle and I tours of her changes on the sim, and even pass us items, specially when she was super excited about something, or knew we would so something totally cool with it.

As her store grew to even new heights, and I watched her craftsmanship go to new heights, I felt a feeling of kindredship. Here is a lady, doing what she loves, and never backing down. Her store single handedly brought me a new customer base. And got my name out there.

She has these models. Oh the models! Mess with them and your toast! My being on Ivalde was like getting a whole army of workers. The models supported every designer on the sim, and in turn I would give them things from time to time. Always encouraging, and giving me funny photos of Nef, be it sl playing with her, or her going around the sim with a pogo.

I remember the day she said she needed to rebuild again, and that the vendors were all being let go. It was almost like she has tears in her sl words. She should not have worried about me, she had given me a gift that no other besides my sister had ever given. Support and a shoulder to lean on. I don't know what would have happened if that fateful day my sister met Nef did not happen. But I don't think I'd totally be where I am today. Or it would have been way harder, and I might be a not as cool of a designer, for the hard trials I would have had to face. I'd have eaten your head, not because I'm a demon and like to slurp out brains, but because I was a bitter B!tch.

Oh and Nef liked me for me, she didn't care that I'd pop onto the sim, and scare all her customers away. She simply said, they'll come back when the coast is clear, did you see the ducks I put over here?

Thanks Nef.

So share in the love, go to Retrology, grab this gift dress at the new store built here for Nef's time off, and enjoy a taste of this awesome designer.


This to date is some of the best work she has ever put out. The shading, the texture, the details. OMFG the sleeves. I've always enjoyed watching her grow. And am glad we are not losing this talented designer from our midst.


I paired it up with the group gift from Cupcakes. One of my hidden loves, I have followed this store since it was this little thing with about 30 dresses. Give me grief over my love of this totally girly store, and I'll beat you down, or do that brain thing I talked about earlier. The clogs are from my other sl love, Duh! So Many Frigging Colours! These eyes? you can get there from Skin Within, as a profile picks gift.


Here are all the skin tones you get in the Cupcakes Group giftpack. There are 8 in totally, including the ones below.


The Cupcakes group is only set to a L$100 enrollment. It's noramlly L$250. You can find the group under my profile(Helena Stringer), blogger wont let me put the name down, it keeps thinking I'm coding.

Dress-L`Abel-Sigrid dress-L$0

Skins-Cupcakes-Group Skin Giftset
Eyes-Skin Within-Profile Picks Gift
Clogs- Duh! -Brown Slip-on Clogs-L$20(there is a L$1 pair here too, and join the subscribo for gift!)

***Why is there stuff not Credited? Find out why here!***


Ruina Kessel said...

Oh Helena, what a beautiful tribute to a truly wonderful designer. I've always like Nef, but this post shows even more what a genuinely good person she is. *hugs to Helena for such a good post, and hugs to Nef just because* <3

Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

So Lovely Helena, what a great post! :)

~ Ketsy

Helena Stringer said...

Thanks Guys, I've got more coming on my own blog.