Sunday, 28 December 2008


So just before Christmas, I got a cryptic IM from Sasy. Something about cats and my fave way to kill spare time in sl!! Turns out, there was a purpose for the vagueness, cos when she tp'd me, I squealed like a 16yr old school girl seeing her favorite boyband! We were in the Popfuzz basement, where I'd been a million times, but I hadn't seen *this* before!


Do you see that picture? Zoom in if you need to, then take in the awesomeness. The deal is this. There's a pad with the alphabet on it to the left. You click on your letter and it brings up the slurl of any chair that's part of the network and currently on say "A" for example. You pick the prize you want, click on the slurl in local chat, and away you go!! I'll also copy some of the card Hazel gave me:


1. Besides the alphabet list on the side, you can also click on the blue letters directly on the board, those are the newest listings.

2. This board is moderated, we try to keep it filled with decent designers and creators who make their own things. Stores with chair farms, business in a box or resale items are not allowed on the network . We encourage chair hoppers to let us know if a shop isn't up to par.

3. You can contact Hazel Coppens or Indigo Lucerne if you'd like to get a Lucky Chair Box for your shop. Indigo Lucerne scripted the board and was/is instrumental in its being here.

4. Although you need to visit on-site, you can choose as many locations as you want as SLurls via chat.


I've shown just a couple of things I picked up. There's some huge designers already taking part, if you're not part of the network and would like to be, contact Hazel to get your kitty box! It's dead easy to set up, apparently you just fill in the settings card and you're good to go. Chair stalkers, remember your chair etiquette too, as I'm sure the place will get packed! Ash out.

Who, What, Where
Lucky Chair Station
Popfuzz Bargain Basement

Outfit 1
Noble Intentions Lucky Chair

Necklace (not free)
Violet Voltaire (part of my Chrissy pressie from Loli!)
Hair (not free)

Outfit 2
Costume Depot Lucky Chair

Alienbear Lucky Chair

Hair (not free)


Syn said...

*flails* That is the coolest evar! After spending 3 hours stalking an uncooperative chair, it's nice to take a break and nab some cool stuff. :D

sileny said...

Wow! I always knew about this board, but I never used it because I assumed it was going to be mostly crap like with that Ox Dos hud thingy. Now that i know it is quality goodies...I will be basement bound for a while! haha

Anonymous said...

I am so on it ! I have been all over tonight hitting this up.

In the POE Globe Hunt there is a Lucky Chair HUD as well that does the same thing. I cant remember for the life of me which globe it came out of. Thanks Cupcake!

MoZ said...

In response to Ravyn's comment, the LCS board is definitely unique (as a moderated prize info resource) - I can't think of another device that does the "same thing" :) If you're thinking of the "Lucky Chair SLurl HUD" though near Globe #137, that's basically a menu-based list of shop LMs... it doesn't monitor prize info etc

Hazel said...

Thanks for the awesome article Ashia! The Lucky chair station has been hopping! :)

Jenniewren Writer said...

O.M.G. I cannot even begin to tell you about all the greatly greatness I nabbered from this wondrous thing. I'll be blogging about them soonsoon - maybe tomorrow if I can hide from the bossman long enough hahahah

Suri Christen said...

Ooh, I know about this board...*flashback to newbie times*...funtimes...

Anonymous said...

May I ask where the hair come from being worn with the red dress?

Drea said...

How much do I love this! :D:D

Anonymous said...

Where is the lucky chair station, anybody send me the url please?

Elora Lunasea said...

My experience hasn't been so great thus far. The day I went, our of 3tries I was sent off to two bad SLURL's, one being at the bottom of an ocean. The third one was correct thankfully but I wonder how many other faulty ones are being given out?