Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Voodoo Dolls (don't read if easily offended)

**WARNING** Skip past this post if you are easily offended!!

It's Thankgiving Day soon, isn't it?
(I had no idea when it is, as I'm in UK. Wikipedia tells me that it is this Thursday, so hopefully they got their facts right)

Deja Hax of Voodoo Dolls has created a really fun outfit for Thanksgiving, this one is on the lucky chair in the store.



The turkey on the hat is having a dispute, it would rather you eat ham for Thankgiving - and who can blame it.

If that outfit made you feel hungry, just look at this next one, also created by the amazing Deja of Voodoo Dolls and it will put you off your food pretty quick (well, maybe not if you are a guy).

This dress contains pics of a rather unattractive pic of a woman flashing her vayjayjay and some midget cocks, I think its brilliant!
(I'm showing this pic very small in case anyone is reading this at work. If you wish to view the full glory of it please click on the pic and view it in large size)

Midget Porn Dress

This outfit has been tried and tested on the sex sims and it works a treat. You can find it at the Hotel Dare Free Shit store.

Skin worn is a group gift in store from Glanz
Hair is by DP yumyum (not free)


Anonymous said...

hawr-hawr! fab dress... bet that pic got you heaps of views on Flickr today, Creamz!!!

olivia connaught said...

greatest. dress. ever.

olivia connaught said...

and yes thanksgiving is thursday. for me it means half day wednesday and a four day food and booze binge immediately following... some of it around batshit extended family which means a lot of yelling and noise. PILGRIMS FUCK YEAH

Mo Miasma said...
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Mo Miasma said...

It would be great to know what is this skin you are wearing Creamy? It gives your avatar lots of personality, but different looks at the same time too, if you know what i mean;).

Little Me said...


Nat Donat said...

Creamy, The link for the dress at Hotel Dare takes you to the sim but where exactly is the Free Sh!t store? Wandered for hours and haven't fount it. LOL

Nat Donat said...

I actually finally found it. To help others it is http://slurl.com/secondlife/Aura/186/141/21

Gidge said...

I don't think that there are enough midget cocks on the fashion feeds. Well done.
(screams with laughter, what a hoot).

Creamy Cooljoke said...

LOL you bunch of pervs XD

Mo - oops! In my haste to show this pornshow of a dress I forgot to mention the skin, it's a group gift from Glanz in store. This is the URL http://slurl.com/secondlife/Vari/117/218/56, and I've also updated the post :)