Saturday, 29 November 2008

A Post That Makes No Sense Whatsoever!

I try to have some kind of discernible theme to my posts, probably ones that only make sense to me!! This one I give up!!

Remember Bebae? Well they are launching a brand new skin line, and this stunning skin I'm wearing could be all yours if you join the group!! Please note, the skin isn't in the notices *yet* but it will be tres soon. Search Bebae under groups and hit that join button. The stockings and shoes you can get from Vinyl Cafe Fashions, love the garters!! Only available till December 31st. The hair I hear you cry! Group gift from Diversity, you get the "Alec" and "Ruby" styles in 5 colours each, fankyoo Aleri!


Next this yummylicious group gift from Brain Restriction, I hope it's still available, I've had these pics up on my Flickr for awhile, just haven't posted. The gorgeous earings were a Thanksgiving dollarbie from Star kindler, they may still be avail? Don't yell at me for the slurl here, it's a new location for the store!!


This outfit is an old freebie from Beauty Avatar, but I found it still available from Onrez!! Comes with the pants and all three tops shown. The amazing hair came to me from Loli via Creams!! Loli found this amazing store called Red Queen, told Creams who then told me. I spent a fecking fortune, I swear I went into this frenzy, anyhoo!! The hairs shown are group gifts, the hat/bandanna being texture change. Hurry though, again my laziness stopped me from posting so fingers crossed they're still in notices! And last but by no means least *pauses for breath* the boots. These are available from Bounce in their camping chairs. There's 3 colours to be had, grey, red and white. So go sort your inv, and come away with some yummy sculpted goodies! Ash out.

Other Fings
Hoofies (not free)
Lazy Places

Hair in Pic 2 (not free)
69 Mainstore


Anonymous said...

Star Kindler slurl is:


Ashia Tomsen said...

Jemmy, did you read the post? We go through this every single time I try to do a slurl for Star kindler. I used the LM that was sent to me by El,in the folder with the earrings.

Bunnie said...

Hmm, group seems to be closed for joining :\

Ashia Tomsen said...

Bunnie, Search for *Bebae* under groups, it's def still open enrollment. Or if it doesn't come up for you, try Torie Senne's profile and join from there, hope that helps!

Reid Lorefield said...

dude --- let's call the post Ash's boobies

Ashia Tomsen said...

Reid!! Hola hawt stuff!! Dude you should totes know by now it's either my boobs or my ass, either way I tent you up....dont deny it <3

Anonymous said...

yeah jemmy, the slurls sometimes leads to the telehub and not the store.

Reid Lorefield said...

I won't deny that! Care to go camping?

bex hathaway said...

you know, I belong to the diversity group and never got that hair, and went to the store and couldn't find it :(
was it group exclusive?

Ashia Tomsen said...

It's coming a wee bit later in the week Bex, hang tight!!