Sunday, 30 November 2008


Counting down...2 days to go til the hunt starts!!

PEACE ON EARTH Grid Wide Hunt info:
As an intoduction to the holiday season Mode Rage will be staging a Grid Wide hunt December 2nd - 31th with an International - Places-of-the -World theme. You can read more information at the official PEACE ON EARTH blog!

With approx. 350 vendors, this grid wide hunt is the biggest hunt ever seen! You'd be crazy to miss it!

Here is another sneak preview of what you can get:


This is +plus creations for the hunt..Greek Olympic Spirit for the World Peace!

Striking poses angel

I am sooo so excited Striking Poses is a part of the hunt too! If you have not visited Striking Poses already, slap your hands! Zelly Mornington offers the most glamorous poses under one roof (2 floors). It's a massive store full of great poses for all your needs! Join the Striking Poses update group for a chance to win fatpack poses off the new releases and for exclusive group gifts! Zelly spoils us yet again with this gorgeous pose, doesn't she look beautiful in the poster?

Striking Poses (Peace On Earth Hunt Gift): Angel of Peace Commemorative Pose

Clover lola corset

I am wearing Clover's clothing, called LOLA (not free), includes jeans! The corset is so dayum sexy I have had to wear it.

Clover is in the Peace On Earth Hunt too so watch this space for the gift!

Necklace (Peace On Earth Hunt Gift): House of Creation - Mother Earth Necklace

Ingenue outfit and xmas tree

Have you got a Christmas tree yet? This festive tree is so special, it's from Fairy Unique Designs. where textures come alive! The tree has many different flags on them, suits perfectly with this hunt's theme, go international! Visit Fairy Unique Designs if you need some good quality textures, or even some home building tutorial classes. I have been follwing Happyholly (the creator) since my early days on sl, seeing her regularly at TUi classes, she was the one who submitted me to be a class mocker! Shame on me for skipping

Tree (Peace On Earth Hunt Gift): Fairy Unique Designs International Christmas Tree

Dress (Peace On Earth Hunt Gift): Ingenue ~ East West ~ Scarlet

piece of candy

This dress (Peace On Earth Hunt Gift): was created by Candy Enoch, of A Piece of Candy to celebrate this hunt! The pretty figure hugging blue gown is a classic chinese dress!



Anonymous said...

Hi there! I was just wondering at what location this picture was taken:

The jeans in the back look really cute! I'd love to check it out! :)

Suri Christen said...

hey Anon, the location was Gbberish store in London, Knightsbridge: