Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Sexual Fruit

Sanu | 1

Mah friend Sanu, who brought you these rocking chokers and these hot earrings (both freebies because she loves you), has taken that concept of 'lurrrve' to a new level. She's launched a mini line of cute, naughty, 'tasty' foods that are as tantalizing to the mind as they are to the eyes. Not to mention they are funny as hell! They're scriped with poses and if you give them a click they'll react with a dirty lil response. heh heh heh. She's put her Tasty Melons up on dollarbie for 24 hours, so go now if you want to have way too much fun playing with your food!

Sanu | 2

Sanu | 4

Sanu | 3

ps. You might recognize the Tasty Nuts poster girl. *wink


{all photos}
Sexual Tasty Fruit: "Tasty Melons" "Tasty Cherry" "Tasty Mixed Nuts" all by Sanu Collars (Melons are a 24 hour dollarbie, so run now!)

{not free}
Shorts: "Booty Shorts" in Black by League
Jacket: "Harlot" coat by Sn@tch (everything is 50% off, run!!)
Hair: "Egoist" hair in red brown by LALA Moon (Mah favorite hair, like, ever.)
Skin: "Carbon" in classic by Curio


Suri Christen said...

Abra you sexy thing!!! <3

Chalice Carling said...

You've got a lovely bunch of coconuts :-))) Sorry couldn't resist. Great story :-)

Abra Exonar said...

<3 Suri hun, awwwww. xo

<3 Chalice, hehehe, you read my mind. ;p