Thursday, 28 August 2008


It's about time I featured my good friend Morgan Kincess on Free*Style, I've been meaning to feature her here for a long time. She's superfun, superstylish, supercreative with her store Digital Eyes and she always puts a smile on my face when I'm having an off day.

Yesterday, PixelDolls gave the group this stunningly sexy, high waisted, sparkly skirt. I was standing outside Free*Style faffing about with the skirt prim and trying to decide what to wear with the it and lo and behold Morgan appears..... "Creammmtard!". She's wearing the same skirt with an amazing corset which she got for free from Baiaistice, so she TP'd me there for the corset (which comes in 4 colours) and she is in all her beautiful glory.

me and morg_001

Has anyone noticed how SL has started doing that cross eyed thing again? It was one bug in a previous version that I was disappointed that they had fixed because I LOVED it! Well, YAY, it's back, I was desperate to get the cross-eyed money shot, but SL was being a shiat and wouldn't let us take photo's at the exact moment so I missed it, bah!

The hair we are wearing here is made by Morgan for her store Digital Eyes, it's free at Juicy Bella in the brighter shade until the end of today so hurry if you want it, you can buy many other shades in her store. The beautiful skin is by Free Speerit in the Free Style Sim hunt and my jewellery from Diamonde, the beautiful 'Miabella' bracelet is 1L in store but the earrings are sadly not available at the moment. (I checked at the store and couldn't see them)

me and morg_002

Glammin it up 3


Skin : FS Skin - Whitney (FS Make Up)(Naked) -
Freestyle hunt
Hair :
Digital Eyes - Ponytail Fushia Bella - free at Juicy Bella (limited time)
Lashes : Rachel _Lashes !
WigWamBam/Rachael Gift - Free
Eyes :
Digital Eyes - Eyes! Cat Purple - Free
Corset :
Baiaistice Corsett sexy black - Free
High Button Miniskirt -
PixelDolls Subscribomatic group gift
Boots :
atuzoko boots - Free
Necklace :
Digital Eyes - Pearl Necklace Black - group gift "Digital Eyes Update Group"

Skin & Lashes: FS Skin - Whitney (FS Make Up)(Naked) -
Freestyle hunt
Corset :
Baiaistice Corsett sexy Purple - Free
High Button Miniskirt -
PixelDolls Subscribomatic group gift
Shape: Tabitha by Creamy:
Free*Style at Paradise Pier (free)
Jewellery by
Diamonde, Bracelet is 1L
Not free- Creamy:
Anime Eyes : Ashia designs
Hair :
Digital Eyes - Ponytail - (this shade not free, Morgan's is free)
Shoes in Squid Ink:


Amethyst McMahon said... gals are just sooo funky! <3

and I'm missing all the fun... *sniff*

sileny said...

Did you say where the great silvery leggings came from? They are fab!

morgan said...

Ame, we won't miss you next time ;)

Sileny, the tights are from G.L.A.M :
Tights : G.L.A.M Tintable Metallic Lycra Tights (FREE!)