Thursday, 24 July 2008

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crimson shadow's lucky chair is one of the few i have the patience to stalk on a regular basis. it's fortunate that everyone and their mother stalks it too, 'cause as a dummy who chose a vowel name lucky chairs are generally exercises in futility, and having 30458 people keeping the letters moving is a welcome sight*. it also makes the wait a little less lonesome :D

the chair's newness (through the 10th of august) is the Midnight Blue dress, an exquisite moxie polano special. the satin shines like water and the skirts rustle soft and dreamy. and the details, oh, the details: a delicate lace veil, a rose trimmed bodice, opera length gloves, a pretty pair of shoes. there's a second skirt option, even, a slimmer prim skirt attachment for a naughtier, more modern feel:

i figured while i'm on a dress-up kick i'd post about the newest evie's closet freebie. after a longish hiatus, evie's back! there are several new gowns in her store, and while you're there you can pick up the empire waist dina dress in this free cranberry color:

crimson shadow, lucky chair dress in midnight blue
evie's closet, dina dress

not free:
skin - curio, dahlia
hair - comme il faut, anna may

*except for those of you rude enough to tp in and hop on the chair straightaway, blatantly disregarding people who've been waiting for their letter. youall can DIAF.


Barboura Munster said...

I see "O" all over the place, we should "friend" up and I'll send you a taxi if there is something good with your initial.

/if I was to rename myself, it would be Xania or Xanadoo. :P

wednesday said...

Ho-lee-chit srsly...lucky chair hopping made me insane.

olivia connaught said...

barboura, i may take you up on that. maybe there really are o's all over but they must know i'm on my way and promptly turn into q's. and yeah, if i did it all over again i'd pick something x-y-z-ish :D

wednesday! you're a w! it can't be that bad for you! exclamation points!

Anonymous said...

DIAF? Lol Olivia. I was in a store the other day whose lucky letter was "5". No lie.
- Gidge

Lokum Shilova said...

There is chaos in Crimson Shadow!!!! ppl are pushing each other and sitting on each other some good fun thks to Olivia beautiful photos!!!!!

Eden said...

Those are some fine dresses, Olivia. I spent half my life at the CS lucky chair and I guess I'm movin' in again!!!! Too bad I can't just park my Little Toaster on the Prairie (free at Baby Monkey's Monkey Mall at the Molly World shop) and sit a spell there.

PS. I love Urban Dictionary. Isn't it the best site? And the good thing about those gowns?.... You don't have to worry about critical ass. I can't even have like a 7ass and not look like I'm busting out of the dress. Though I'ma gonna have one in RL because y'alls posts have made a mouse potato out of me.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I hate those people too. They always hop in at the right time and never have rezzing problems. =/

eden said...

talk about vowels and good friends...I stand at the chair for 90 mins waiting for this dress and i have to log out. My wonderful friend, Great Gazov, takes a snapshot of the chair... It turned O three times while I was there. Hrumph!!!

Greta Gazov said...

Hey Eden, not fair telling what I did ... I just wanted you to have a little souvenir of that lucky chair and you are turning my kindness against me *sighs* but that dress rocks!